Making Flower Shaped Desserts In Silicone Dessert Molds

What material mold is best for making desserts?silicone dessert mold is a popular choice due to its temperature resistance, flexibility, ease of use.Multiuse silicone dessert mold for making cake, pudding and moreSilicone mold made of inert silicone can withstands use at about 200 °C oven baking and without leaching toxic substance or spreading burnt flavors and odors. Normal silicone rubber products also can withstands low temperatures about -40 °C. Besides, for some special silicone rubbers, they can be used low to 100 degree celsius and almost no change in its properties.So no matter you want to make a baked dessert or a freezing dessert, silicone dessert mold will be a good choice.Silicone molds are always to be designed to colorful and funny creative shapes. The most popular shapes are flower, animal.Weishun is a factory professional in making silicone molds. We can offer you custom silicone dessert molds, silicone cake molds, silicone soap molds, silicone chocolate molds, silicone ice cube trays etc.
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