Mining motor vehicles have some of their own characteristics

Exhaust pollution of motor vehicles is also a serious problem. Hazardous substances such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, and particulate emissions in the emissions have a serious impact on air quality. At the same time, the atmospheric greenhouse effect produced by carbon dioxide will cause the earth’s climate temperature to rise, polar glaciers, sea level rise, and cause serious natural disasters such as floods and wind disasters, and even cause global environmental disasters.

Compared with automobiles, mining motor vehicles have some of their own characteristics, which makes the above two problems more prominent. First of all, the use conditions are complicated, the working conditions need to be changed frequently, and the vehicle is stopped and the engine idling for a long time, so that the fuel consumption per unit mileage of the vehicle will increase, and the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions will increase. Secondly, the driving road conditions are bad, and you need to go uphill and downhill frequently. When you go uphill, you need to increase the power output, so the power requirement of the engine is large; when you go downhill, you need to use the damping of the engine to brake, and the engine enters reverse drag. Working conditions, causing an increase in emissions. In addition, the general vehicle running speed is not high, the ventilation conditions are not good, and the pollution of the working environment by vehicle exhaust emissions is quite prominent.

Existing internal combustion engine power plants just cannot meet these requirements. Regardless of whether the gasoline engine or the diesel engine, due to the limitation of its own output characteristics, the ideal matching of power, economy and emissions can be achieved under relatively limited working conditions. It can be seen that reducing the fuel consumption and harmful emissions of motor vehicles has become an urgent problem to be solved. After a lot of research, many countries and automobile manufacturers use hybrid power systems as the best technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and great progress has been made in many areas. Hybrid power configuration At present, most of the mining motor vehicles use internal combustion engines as power devices, and only a few use batteries and electric motors as power devices. Using an internal combustion engine as a power source has the aforementioned problems of petroleum energy consumption and exhaust emission pollution. For automotive parts and parts machining, PTJ Shop offers the highest degree of OEM service with a basis of 10+ years experience serving the automotive industry. Our automotive precision shop and experts deliver confidence. We have perfected the art of producing large component volumes with complete JIT reliability, backed by the quality and long-term reliability our customers expect.

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