Ministry of Commerce: The U.S. suppresses certain Chinese companies and urges the U.S. to stop unreasonable suppression

According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce on November 16, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce answered a reporter’s question about the US ban on US investors from investing in some Chinese companies.

Reporter: On November 12, the US government issued an executive order prohibiting US investors from investing in so-called companies owned or controlled by the Chinese military. What is the response of the Ministry of Commerce to this?

A: China has repeatedly stated its solemn position on the issue of the unprovoked suppression of Chinese companies by the US. In disregard of the facts, the U.S. side identified the relevant Chinese company as an enterprise controlled by the military, which is neither justified nor in line with legal principles. China firmly opposes this. The U.S. has repeatedly generalized the concept of national security, abused state power, and suppressed certain Chinese companies, seriously violating the market competition principles and international economic and trade rules that the U.S. has always advertised.

The essence of Sino-US economic cooperation is mutual benefit and win-win results. In the era of globalization, the interests of all countries are deeply intertwined. You have me, and I have you. In recent years, China’s capital market has been increasingly favored by global investors, including the United States, which reflects the confidence of international investors in China’s stable and sound economic development and the recognition of China’s capital market’s deepening reform and opening up. Some people in the United States often use the so-called national security as an excuse to artificially set up obstacles for American investors to enter the Chinese market, and even politicize it. This is not in line with economic laws, and will only make companies miss good opportunities for development and damage the interests of investors. The actions of a few politicians cannot suppress the forces of the market.

Chinese enterprises have always adhered to operating in compliance with laws and regulations, strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations in their international operations, and always adhere to the principles of marketization and the rule of law. Chinese enterprises will continue to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries on the basis of respecting market rules and relevant laws. China urges the US to stop its unreasonable suppression of Chinese companies and provide a fair, just and non-discriminatory environment for Chinese companies to operate normally in the US.

Earlier, the Trump administration suddenly announced an executive order on the 12th, prohibiting American investors from investing in companies owned or controlled by the Chinese military. It is reported that this is the latest move by the Trump administration to increase pressure on China after the US election day, with a total of 31 Chinese companies affected.

The list of 31 companies specifically includes:

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC)

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC)

China South Industries Group Corporation (China Ordnance Equipment Group)

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC)

China Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)

China North Industries Group Corporation (China North Industries Group Corporation)

Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

Inspur Group

China Aviation Engine Corporation (AECC)

China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC)

CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC)

Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., Ltd.

Dawn of Zhongke

China Mobile Limited

China General Nuclear Power Group

China National Nuclear Corporation

China Telecom Group Co., Ltd.

China Communications Construction Company

China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology

China Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Ltd. (a listed company controlled by the Fifth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation)

China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd.

China Electronics Information Industry Group Corporation

China National Chemical Engineering Corporation

China National Chemical Corporation

Sinochem Group Co., Ltd.

China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited

China Three Gorges Corporation Limited

Nuclear Industry Construction Co., Ltd.

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