MTSCO Corporate Culture Initiation Ceremony

China Corporate Culture Initiation Ceremony

 China Corporate Culture Initiation Ceremony



Last Friday (March 17th), Jiaxing MT Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. held a corporate culture initiation ceremony.



We invited a professional lecturer, Mr Zhu to introduce the qualities staff should have. He mainly elaborated three ways of thinking, Responsibility, Achievement and Survival of the fittest. To be a excellent person,we should first remember that I am the root of all when something bad happened. So that the efficiency of the whole company will increase. Second, achievement is more important than process. Credit is more important than hard work. Third, we should Constantly improve ourselves to adapt to the law of survival of the fittest. Through his explanation, we have deeper understanding for our corporate culture.



Then, the President of China, Brave Hua told the history of China from 2006. There were confused, frustration, improve, development…… These experiences create the corporate culture of China. At the meeting, we emphasized our corporate culture again.



The vision of China is becoming the most trustworthy industrial metal service provider all over the world.

The mission of China is focusing the requirements of partners, keeping creating higher value.

The value of China is passion, diligent, cooperation, loyalty, gratitude.



Operation idea: create values for customers, create opportunity for staff, create benefit for enterprise.

Working idea: Responsible administration, standard working, handling programmed .

Service idea: Exceed customers expectations by professional service.

Executing idea: To be trustworthy in word and resolute in deed.

Team idea: Support each other, appreciate each other, achieve each other.

Promotion idea: Create achievements and train talents to promote.

Image idea: Higher requirement for ourself is the greatest respect to others.

The development of enterprise depends on our hard work, but the long boom of enterprise depends on inheriting the corporate culture. Through this meeting, we know how important the culture is for a company. We will do our best to provide the best products and service to achieve our vision.





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