NMITE engineering university highlights bursaries for September 2021

NMITE engineering university highlights bursaries for September 2021

The Hereford-based organisation says it is making its first offers for September 2021 entry to those who have completed the application process.

The one-off bursary of £4,000 (not means-tested) is available to those who apply to become part of its 100-strong Pioneer Cohort before 31 May 2021.

“We are extremely pleased both with progress on applications and this new bursary offer. We can see from our applicants that nearly half have not taken the A levels normally required to study engineering, so we know that our message about pursuing a non-traditional route to becoming an engineer is getting through and attracting the right calibre of candidates.

At the same time, this non-restricted bursary means students can choose how to spend the money to best support themselves when they join us,” says James Newby, Chief Operating Officer NMITE (pictured).

This new bursary has been released via NMITE’s “Pioneer Fund”. It follows on from the initial bursary available to those who applied before the end of March, which offered payment in full of their first year of tuition and accommodation.

To attract students from a variety of backgrounds and at differing life stages, NMITE has previously said it will consider every application individually, irrespective of the path they have travelled.

It is looking for entrepreneurial and socially-minded individuals who want to change the world for the better. As part of the admissions process, NMITE will be evaluating a person’s attitude, mindset and passion for engineering alongside their qualifications.

Engineering degree

NMiTE will provide one engineering degree as opposed to having individual subjects – an ‘accelerated integrated engineering degree’ which will combine “creativity, design and innovation and incorporate learning in employability skills”, said the university previously.

The aim is to achieve an MEng in three academic years of 46 weeks each. “Courses will be delivered using a ‘sprint’ approach, integrating technical and liberal components. Each sprint will contain multiple concepts resulting in a piece of evidence for student portfolios.”

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