ODU is welcoming the new future of the medical industry with “smart connection”

In 2020, with the spread of the new crown epidemic, the outstanding development of the medical industry has become a topic of common concern for the whole society. Boosting the intelligent development of medical technology, as a leader in the connector industry, ODU continues to inject innovation and vitality into the medical industry with its excellent connector technology and complete solutions.

Having been deeply involved in the medical industry for many years, ODU connector products have been fully used in key medical parts such as robotics, dentistry, endoscopy, testing, and ventilators, catering to the new needs of data transmission, miniaturization, sensorization and automation in the medical field.

During this epidemic, the demand for ventilators continued to rise. To help prevent and control the epidemic, ODU is increasing the output of the ODU MEDI-SNAP series used in the production of ventilators to ensure timely delivery in the short term. ODU MEDI-SNAP is used as an interface between various SPO2 and ECG instruments and power supplies, which greatly improves the flexibility of use, and can withstand more than 5,000 plugs and unplugs.

The ODU MEDI-SNAP version has a rich product range and can provide quick, easy to install and release easy-to-separate connector solutions to meet the stringent connection requirements of the medical industry.

ODU tail silicone overmolding—advanced technology in the medical field

ODU is welcoming the new future of the medical industry with “smart connection”

In addition, the ODU silicone tail overmolding system solution is also its key application in the medical field. The solution is perfectly suitable for all kinds of medical endoscopy, equipment and robots, etc. It has the advantages of preventing stick-slip effects, high temperature sterilization performance, and folding The advantages of bending protection, novel appearance, and customizable laser tags are advanced technologies used in the medical field.

ODU-MAC Rectangular Modular Series—Classic Almighty Model Boosts Medical Innovation

ODU has many applications in the medical industry. The ODU SPRINGTAC connector is used for operating table power control and stretcher systems, and the ODU-MAC connector is used for the interface between different coils and MRI equipment in MRI.

Continuing to innovate and continuously tap the new needs of the medical industry, ODU is welcoming the new future of the medical industry with “smart connection” and improving the level of medical services.

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