OEM Custom Stainless Steel Investment Casting for Machinery Part

Basic Info

Machining Tolerance


CE, ISO 9001:2008


Transport Package
Standard Export Package

as per drawing or sample

Ningbo, China

Product Description

Technical Capacity 

R and D
software,solid work, CAD,Procast
  Development cycle of samples:25 to 35 days
Material Designation
more than 150 types
Technological Parameter
piece weight:2g to 55kg
  Max Dimension : 600mm for diameter or length
  Min Wall Thickness: 1.5mm
  casting Roughness: Ra3.2-6.4 , Machining Roughness: Ra1.6 
  Tolerance of Casting : VDG P690, D1/CT5-7
  Tolerance of Machining: ISO-2768-mk/ IT6
  Inner Core: ceramic core, urea core, water soluble wax core 
Heat Treatment 
Normalizing, Tempering,Quenching,Annealing , Solution Annealed,Carburization
Surface Treatment 
Polishing, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating , Oxidation Treatment , Phosphating 
Other Inspection 
Cleanliness inspection, X-ray Radiographic inspection, Magnetic Powder Inspection


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