Overview of the characteristics of the kanna device

The plane device is a cnc machine tool. It is a linear motion that can be processed. However, due to its low production efficiency, it is only suitable for single-piece or small batch production. In mass production, milling machines are generally used instead of milling machines.
Planers can be roughly divided into bull’s head planers, planers, single-arm planers and special planers.

1. Single-arm planer equipment

The single-arm planer has a single pole and a cantilever, and the worktable reciprocates vertically along the bed rail. It is often used for processing wide workpieces without horizontal processing.

2. Null head planer equipment

Named after the shape of the lamb and the knife holder. The planer is installed on the turret tool post and reciprocates vertically to cut various planes and grooves. Suitable for small and medium-sized parts whose length does not exceed 1000 mm.

The characteristic of the head planer is that it is easy to adjust, but due to the single-edged cutting, the cutting speed is slow, and it does not work on the return stroke, resulting in low production efficiency. Suitable for single-piece small batch production. The planing accuracy is usually IT9-IT7, the surface roughness Ra is 6.3-3.2um, and the main parameter of the head planer is the maximum planing length.

3. Planer

The planer is named after the gantry frame structure and consists of a top beam and a column. The worktable makes the gantry and the workpiece reciprocate in a straight line, and is often used for processing large planes (especially long and narrow planes). It is also used for slot processing and simultaneous processing of multiple small and medium-sized parts. Large gantry planers are usually equipped with parts such as milling heads and grinding heads, which can process, mill and grind workpieces in one installation.

The planer is mainly used for large workpieces or for processing multiple workpieces at the same time. Compared with bullhead planer, it has large structure, complex structure and good rigidity. From the perspective of machine movement, the main movement of the plane is the linear reciprocating movement of the worktable, and the feed movement is the horizontal or vertical intermittent movement of the plane, which is just the opposite of the movement of the plane. .The planer is driven by a DC motor, which can be adjusted steplessly, and the movement is stable. The planer is mainly used for processing large planes, especially long and narrow planes. Generally, the width of the workpiece can reach 1 meter and the length can reach more than 3 meters.

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