Red copper tape rolled corrugated tape is also advisable

When brazing on the top of the flanging, the welding angle is difficult to guarantee, and there is no reinforcement plate under the tube sheet. Therefore, due to vibration and other reasons in the locomotive operation, the brazing seam often cracks and leaks. It is recommended that the flat tube holes in the tube plate should not be punched to the flat tube holes of the tube plate as shown in the figure. Strengthen the strength of the connecting box The radiator connecting box is installed on the collector pipe of the locomotive cooling device, and the connecting box plays a role in supporting the weight of the radiator. At present, the radiator connection boxes produced by various manufacturers are roughly divided into three types. One is the integrally cast cast steel connection box, which has high strength but large machining volume, and due to the poor quality of castings, the yield is low. . The second type, the elbow is made of cast steel, and then assembled and welded with the box body of the profiled part. The supporting surface is narrow, so the strength of the connection box of this structure is not enough. The third type is the stamping and welding connection box used by our factory, which is assembled by the flange base elbow and the lifting lugs to increase the strength of the connection box. , The base is made of a pigeon steel plate. In addition, the flange extends to the top of the base and is welded to the base and the elbow to improve the strength of the connecting box. Strengthen the side shields to protect the radiator side shields The role of clamping the cooling core.

So far, various manufacturers have adopted steel profiled parts. In order to strengthen the strength and rigidity of the side guards, the side guards are pressed out of reinforcing ribs, and the two ends are notched. Then the two ends are brazed on the two sides of the tube sheet (as shown in There are notches at both ends of the side guard plate, which destroys the press-shaped reinforcement ribs and reduces the rigidity of the side guard plate. Although the side guard plates used in our factory are also extruded on both sides of the reinforcement ribs, the two ends are not punched with the notch diagram and directly brazed On the bottom surface of the reinforcing plate, the radiator forms a solid frame structure, and it also plays a role in positioning the distance between the two tube plates. In addition, the flanging height of the side guard plate can be reduced to reduce the wind resistance on the windward side of the radiator, and the side guard plate The brace is thickened to be necessary to strengthen the strength of the brace. The inner side of the side guard plate must be rusted and tinned, so that the corrugated belt close to the side guard plate is brazed together by baking tin, thereby strengthening the cooling core子rigidity.

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