RedpineSignalsRS9110-N-11-02Wi-Fi Solution

RS9110-N-11-02 from Redpine Signals is an IEEE 802.11bgn compliant Wi-Fi” title=”Wi-Fi”>Wi-Fi client module that integrates MAC, baseband processor, RF transceiver and power amplifier .Together with RS9110-LI MAC/BBP chip, it provides a complete end-to-end low-power WLAN” title=”WLAN”>WLAN application, with multi-threaded processor and rich peripheral interfaces, operating voltage from 3.1V to 3.6V .Mainly used in VOIP mobile phones, interactive remote control equipment, industrial automation, MP3 and MP4 players and digital cameras and video cameras. This article introduces the main features of RS9110-N-11-02, system block diagram and RS9110-N-11-02 wireless Specifications, software architecture diagram and main features and specifications of the RS9110-N-11-02 Evaluation Board (EVB) and application block diagrams in Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC), IP Camera and Personal Media Player.

RS9110-N-11-02 802.11bgn WLAN Module

The RS9110-N-11-02 module is a complete IEEE 802.11bgn Wi-Fi client device with an integrated MAC, Baseband processor, and RF transceiver with power amplifier. Based on the Redpine Signals RS9110-LI MAC/BBP chip, the module provides a complete end-to-end solution for low-power WLAN applications. It includes a multithreaded processor and a rich set of peripheral interfaces. It can connect to a host processor through SDIO and SPI Interfaces.

Main features of RS9110-N-11-02:

• Conforms to IEEE 802.11b/g/e/i standards, single-stream 802.11 n

• 802.11n MAC features for high user throughput

• 802.11n Space Time Block Code (STBC) support for extended range and higher throughput

• Host Interface THROUGH SDIO and SPI

• Bluetooth coexistence

• Integrated multi-threaded processor

• TCP checksum offloading

• IPsec offloading as required by 3GPP for Wi-Fi and mobile convergence

• Rich set of peripherals – UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, and timers

• 2.4 GHz, 802.11n RF transceiver with high performance power amplifier

• Complete WLAN software along with host driver for various operating systems such as Windows XP, Linux, Windows CE

• Single Supply 3.1 To 3.6 V Operation

RS9110-N-11-02 Application:

• VOIP handsets

• Interactive remote control devices

• Industrial automation and telemetry

• MP3 music and MP4 video players

• Digital cameras and camcorders
RedpineSignalsRS9110-N-11-02Wi-Fi Solution
Figure 1. RS9110-N-11-02 system block diagram

RS9110-N-11-02 Wireless Specifications:
RedpineSignalsRS9110-N-11-02Wi-Fi Solution
RedpineSignalsRS9110-N-11-02Wi-Fi Solution
Figure 2. RS9110-N-11-02 software architecture diagram

RS9110-N-11-02 Evaluation Board (EVB)

The RS9110-N-11-02 evaluation board (EVB) is a complete IEEE 802.11bgn Wireless LAN evaluation platform for the RS9110-N-02 802.11bgn WLAN module. The RS9110-N-11-02 module is mounted on the EVB along with other supporting components including a 40 MHz reference oscillator, antenna and other passive components. The RS9110-N-11-02 is a high-performance, ultra low-power WLAN module providing IEEE 802.11n functionality in the single stream mode in the 2.4 GHz band. The board connects to a host processor through SDIO or SPI interfaces. It also provides the connectivity for the WLAN module to the Vector Signal Generator (VSG) and Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) through a microwave coaxial connector switch mounted on the EVB . The RS9110-N-11-02 evaluation board facilitates the integration of the module into a host platform and its performance measurement.

RS9110-N-11-02 Evaluation Board (EVB) Main Features:

Supports IEEE 802.11bgn operation

Frequency Band – 2.4GHz

Operating channels

USA – Channels 1 to 11

Japan – Channels 1 to 14

Europe – Channels 1 to 13

Integrated Omni Directional Chip Antenna

40 MHz, 20-ppm reference oscillator

Connectors for power measurement

Microwave coaxial connector switch

Support for SDIO AND SPI Host Interfaces

Supply voltage of 3.1V to 3.6V

It can be powered through SDIO or SPI interface, or through external power supply 802.11n drivers and configuration tools for Windows XP, Linux and Windows CE platforms RS9110-N-11-02 Evaluation Board (EVB) Specifications:

RedpineSignalsRS9110-N-11-02Wi-Fi Solution
RedpineSignalsRS9110-N-11-02Wi-Fi Solution
Figure 3. RS9110-N-11-02 Evaluation Board (EVB) Outline

RS9110-N-11-02 Evaluation Board (EVB) Application:

1. Ultra Mobile PC

The Ultra-Mobile PC’s (UMPC), Ultra-Mobile Devices (UMD) and Mobile Internet Devices (MID) are witnessing one of the fastest growths in the mobile device market today. These devices provide access to content and information virtually anytime and anywhere in addition to services like e-mail, voice, instant messaging, data sharing, audio/video playback, gaming, etc. There are new applications and use-case scenarios being added constantly while their size is decreasing and battery life is increasing. To this end, robust and low power wireless connectivity is a primary requirement for these devices. They can be connected to the LAN, directly to the Internet or to another mobile device using Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and Bluetooth. The RS9110-N-11 -02 fits in best with these requirements with its small footprint and industry-beating power and performance numbers. It provides an easy-to-integrate SDIO interface and also a Bluetooth coexistence interface for platforms which require Bluetooth connectivity a long with Wi-Fi.
RedpineSignalsRS9110-N-11-02Wi-Fi Solution
Figure 4. Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) Block Diagram

2. IP Camera

The video security and surveillance market has been experiencing unprecedented growth, thanks to the increased global security concerns and advent of the new technology. The IP camera is a camera that captures and encodes the image data, and transports it across the IP network, so that it can be securely monitored and managed remotely. As WiFi becomes ubiquitous, the IP cameras enabled with WiFi bring the security management to a new dimension through wireless transportation and management. Redpine’s RS9110-N-11-02 provides a flexible and scalable ultra low power 802.11bgn solution for both low-end and bandwidth hungry high-end IP cameras, as it can support 30Mbps application-level throughputs. As this 802.11bgn module is available at the same cost of the existing 802.11bg solutions in the market, it provides a cost-effective solution for WiFi based IP camera.
RedpineSignalsRS9110-N-11-02Wi-Fi Solution
Figure 5. IP camera block diagram

3. Personal Media Player

The last few years have witnessed a dramatic growth in Personal Media Players (PMP). PMP’s have evolved from offering the basic MP3 playback functionality and are today adopting the latest in multimedia and wireless markets. Future features include playback of streaming High Definition video as well . PMP designers face the challenge of constantly adding new features to their products while keeping the cost low and battery life high. While application and media processors have been able to keep up with the speed and power requirements of these new applications to some extent, the challenge has now moved to providing the same requirements in transferring data from a central server to the portable device. This requires the wireless network connection to be highly robust over a long range. The RS9110-N-11-02 module is the perfect answer for these needs. With a small footprint, which is ideal for portable devices, it provides high speed Wi-Fi connectivity by way of its single-stream 802.11n technology while also operating at ultra-low power levels by implementing state-of-the-art power management techniques.

Figure 6. PMP block diagram

For details, see:

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