Repair parts will form a peak as soon as they enter the market


The current situation of China’s imported auto parts cannot meet the needs of the auto industry. The relevant departments should pay attention to this reality and establish China’s import auto parts policy. According to information, China’s annual output of automobiles is about 600,000 vehicles, and the output has ranked 14th in the world. Our cars lack weight and light, and special vehicles and small passenger cars are almost blank. As mentioned earlier, certain important models for the development of the national economy still rely on imports. To completely change this unreasonable pattern will never be completed in one or two years. Therefore, it is not advisable to rely entirely on imports or stop imports.

The market of imported car repair parts is closely related to its life cycle. It is generally divided into the market preparation stage, which can also be called the market development stage, the market golden stage and the market maintenance stage. The whole time from the time the imported car repair parts are ready to enter the market to exit the market is roughly one or two years behind the life cycle of the imported car. If the market development stage is fully prepared, the repair parts will form a peak as soon as they enter the market and begin their gold It can be maintained until the end of the period when imported cars resume their functions.

Our country’s current repair system adopts the on-vehicle repair method, so the efficient method of assembly line cannot be adopted. Although the West also uses this method of repairing cars, they are scrapped without major repairs. In our country, they have to undergo one or two major repairs. This kind of car repair law, including overhaul, has many drawbacks. For imported cars, it has formed some illusions in the imported car repair parts market. In some mines, oil fields, ports and self-provided repair shops of important enterprises, the assembly interchange repair method is implemented. This repair method is conditional for flow operation.

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