Research on the Entry Strategy of the Carbody’s Action Area

The status quo of the development of China’s auto service industry is well known. China’s auto industry started relatively late and has not yet fully entered the mature stage. As a subsidiary of the automobile industry, the formation and development of the automobile service industry is even later. Its development as an industry is still in the early stage. Before the reform and opening up, China’s automobile industry was quite backward. Automobiles were mainly used as an important means of production for transportation production, and they were circulated by means of planned and controlled allocation. Automobile maintenance was mainly in the scope of transportation and production equipment maintenance. During this period, there is no automobile service industry in the present sense in our country. As a social and economic service activity, if we say that there is only a limited car maintenance service. Since the reform and opening up, China’s automobile industry has gone through different stages of product transformation, structural adjustment and all-round development, and has entered the ranks of the world’s largest automobile production countries and the largest automobile ownership countries. At the same time, the auto service industry is gradually growing and developing with the development of the auto industry. Nowadays, an automobile service market with automobile manufacturers as the leading factor and brand sales and after-sales service network system as the mainstream model has been initially formed.

In terms of auto parts sales, there are still two sales channels for auto parts supply and sales, dominated by auto manufacturers, and auto parts retail by independent auto parts dealers. As the supply and sales channels of auto parts are not unified, or the unified main channel is not smooth, the authentic auto parts cannot be guaranteed in a timely and reliable supply, which leads to the flooding of fake and inferior parts in the market, which seriously interferes with the business order of the auto parts market. The price system of the auto parts market is not sound, and the price management is not standardized. The prices of many genuine parts are too high, while the prices of fake and inferior auto parts are low, which has severely impacted the sales of genuine auto parts and seriously infringed the interests of consumers.

In terms of auto repair service, auto repair service is the main body of the auto service industry, but at present, China’s auto repair service industry has a bad situation of scattered, chaotic, and poor. The automobile maintenance industry has a loose organization structure and cannot form a large-scale and standardized maintenance service system. It is estimated that there are more than 500,000 automobile maintenance companies in China, of which less than one-fifth of the first and second types of maintenance companies and brand car special maintenance stations. Most of the car maintenance companies have outdated service concepts, backward business methods, and a serious lack of modern services. Business awareness, the formation of vicious competition between enterprises and enterprises, enterprises cheating consumers in terms of service behavior, service quality and fee collection, etc., caused serious chaos in the automobile maintenance market. Although there is a large maintenance team, consumers still find it difficult to repair cars. Many small maintenance businesses have rudimentary maintenance facilities, outdated equipment, poor production environment conditions, low levels of civilized production, and backward maintenance methods. They are still in a backward production state of “manual dismantling and unloading, workers covered in sludge”.

The workforce of most maintenance companies is unstable, and the loss of professional maintenance technicians is serious, resulting in low professional quality and poor technical level of maintenance service personnel. Even many maintenance personnel are temporarily recruited apprentices and migrant workers without special training. Common serious phenomena such as poor quality of vehicle maintenance and high failure rate of repaired vehicles.

Other aspects The auto service industry is an industry with a very broad business scope. Many new service areas in this industry have just emerged in our country, such as car decoration and beauty, used car (used car) trading, car leasing, auto finance and insurance, and so on. These service areas generally have problems such as irregular service processes, opaque service content, asymmetric service information, and low service integrity. Therefore, although there is a large potential market demand, many consumers are afraid to enter the market due to high customer risks and many service disputes, which makes the market unable to develop steadily.

The development strategy of the automobile service industry changes the outdated service concept, focusing on customer satisfaction and changing passive service into active service. Although people often shout “customer is God” and “customer-centric” slogans, most services The operators still just stay verbal, and have not really become their own service consciousness, let alone a conscious service behavior. At present, there is a considerable gap between the service concept of China’s automobile service industry and the automobile service industry of developed countries and China’s advanced service industry. The service concept is the fundamental guiding ideology for the development and operation of the service industry, and the fundamental starting point for enterprises to engage in business activities. Today’s advanced enterprise core business philosophy is “customer satisfaction centered theory”. The direct work process of the automotive service industry is to serve customers. Therefore, it is necessary to firmly establish the service concept of “customer satisfaction as the center”. Customer satisfaction is the fundamental business goal of an enterprise; at the same time, it is necessary to establish an “advanced service consciousness”, and everything that wants to be in front of customers, change the service mode of passively responding to customer requirements, and change passive service to active service. For example, service items such as regular maintenance of vehicles, seasonal maintenance, annual inspection and repair, replacement and replacement, etc., service companies should proactively provide service and help for customers before customers request them. Through advanced services, customer satisfaction can be improved and a solid foundation can be established. customer relations.

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