Research on the way of adjusting the structure of auto parts

With the adjustment of the model production structure and the elimination of most of Shanghai’s past real estate vehicles, such as SH130, SH141, SH142, SH760, etc., the number of accessories has also decreased year by year. Even if the old model accessories produced by Wittur, the variety and quality cannot meet the demand. At present, although the structural adjustment has developed new model accessories such as CA141, there are few, and there seems to be a tendency to burn the Santana alone. According to the changes in the model structure, determine the focus of adjusting the auto parts structure.

From the analysis of national production arrangements, trucks are still the largest, but the structure has changed in recent years, mainly because the proportion of passenger cars, especially cars, has increased. For example, the proportion of bridge vehicles in the country has risen from 19.3% of the total number of vehicles in 1986 to more than 25% in 1992. In recent years, the proportion of trucks in Shanghai has increased from 26.6% of the total number of vehicles in 1986 to 29.7% at the end of 1992; the number of EQ140 in medium trucks has increased from 3921 in 1986 to the number of vehicles in 1992. More than 1,100 trucks; CA141 new rescue trucks increased from no statistics in 1986 to more than 4,000 in 1992, and its proportion has also stopped rising year by year.

The changes in automobile demand and production structure are directly related to the adjustment of the structure of maintenance parts Yingming. According to market demand, determine the focus of adjustment. In the adjustment of the structure, the focus of the adjustment is to focus on the types of models with large changes in the demand structure and insufficient effective supply; the main goal is to develop new car accessories; new car accessories should be based on brand-name, high-quality, authentic, and marketable varieties , Especially the imported domestic bridge cars and jeeps should be heavy. Point development resources. And among them, we must take the road of combining industry and trade and sharing agency. The current practices of various auto industry departments, such as consuming manpower, material resources and financial resources, setting up sales networks at various levels, and special dealers everywhere, are not conducive to concentrating on the development of new products.

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