Sierra Wireless claims most advanced 5G router portfolio

Sierra Wireless claims most advanced 5G router portfolio

Sierra Wireless claims most advanced 5G router portfolio

Sierra Wireless has unveiled two new XR Series multi-network 5G routers – the XR90 and the XR80.

These two routers have been designed to enable customers to leverage the higher data speeds and lower latency of 5G, required for real-time video streaming and voice communications in mission-critical environments and high performance business-critical 5G applications.

The XR Series is able to deliver 5G across any network (5G, Wi-Fi 6, Ethernet) whether used for mobile applications or primary, temporary, or backup fixed wireless connectivity.

“The performance, capability and reliability of the XR series compliments our award-winning network, and it’s been great to see the positive feedback from our customers who are trialling the XR series.” said Simba Bazaya, Product Manager, BT’s Enterprise unit.We’re also working with our customers to deploy instant connectivity and ease of scale across a wide range of industries and businesses, and we continue to drive innovation to deliver the best customer experience and respond to growing customer demands leveraging our 5G network.”

Both the XR90 and the XR80 enable customers to maximize higher 5G data speeds across Wi-Fi 6 and multi-gigabit ethernet interfaces by employing quad-core processing and hardware acceleration, with an internal architecture that accelerates the data path, orchestrated by the AirLink Operating System (OS).

“Our 5G research has shown the importance of real-time communications that 5G brings, along with supporting process evolution,” said Alison Brooks, Ph.D., Research Vice President, Smart Cities & Communities – Public Safety, IDC. “5G’s higher data speeds, lower latency and higher device capacity is set to transform the market across a multitude of use cases, and products such as the XR Series routers deliver with the fast and always-on, secure connectivity needed for next generation mission and business-critical applications.”

The XR Series routers improve the performance and reliability of video streaming, video offload, and other data-intensive and time-sensitive use cases, by ensuring that the router connects to the best-performing network, at the right time. This is achieved through AirLink OS, which features cognitive wireless, Sierra Wireless’ patented technology that automatically switches to the best available network in less than a second.

The XR Series routers provide additional benefits including:

  • Best-In-Class Reliability: A passively cooled, IP64 industrial design enables the rugged XR Series to operate in even the toughest environmental conditions experienced by routers integrated into police, transit and utility vehicles, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and other commercial and industrial equipment.
  • Future-proof Flexibility: Built for both fixed and mobility applications, the XR Series offers single and dual 5G, and Wi-Fi 6 radio options. In addition, the XR Series’ unique cartridge design enables customers to expand and upgrade their routers without replacing the router.
  • Rapid Response: All XR Series routers include a unique dedicated LPWA cellular connection through Sierra Wireless Global Connectivity. Customers can deploy the routers through zero-touch configuration by using the intuitive, cloud-based AirLink Management Service (ALMS), and still maintain their routers, even if they are not able to connect to public or private 5G or LTE networks.
  • Strong Security: The XR Series enables customers to reduce security risks in their 5G deployment with multi-layered end-to-end security. This modern platform approach to security protects data from device to the cloud, with a hardware-accelerated VPN for secure transport, secure boot, unique cryptographic keys that connect the router to ALMS, and use of the Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA-3) protocol.

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