Silicone Lazy Bracket Cell Phone Holder Can Custom Printing LOGO

Universal phone holder stand, an excellent tool can free your fingers when view video telephone & watch film.Phone holderSize: 8.5 * 2 * 0.2 cm.Usage: lazy bracket cell phone holderColors: Any Pantone Colors can AvailableThis phone holder made of silicone and metallic sheet can be bent at "U" angle or straight.Raw material we select are high quality silicone rubber, environmental friendly and no strange smell. Silicone pohone holders provide by our factory are durable, longer lasting and good in toughness.It is a reusablephone holder with a sucker. Can stick to to different smooth surface.What's more, there are no logo on the surface of this phone stand. But accept custom logo or custom pattern order.As a professional silicone material products manufacturer, Weishun can manufacture large range of silicone products include silicone kitchenware tools, silicone baby suppliers and silicone accessories of electrical products. Welcome any inquiries of customized silicone products.

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