Silicone sealing ring -A important part of solar water heater

We all know that solar water heater is used in outside .the environment is bad . In southern ,the temperture is high in summer .the temperture of water tank of solar water heater can reach 140 ℃ . And in the northern ,the low temperture is -30℃ in winter . Under the circumstances , the silicone sealing ring is a important part for solar water heater .Its quality is very important . Material appropriate, reasonable design silicone sealing ring can effectively prevent slack after use a long time .
Now , many solar water heater company is limited to its own technical ability . It is hard to identify the quality of silicone sealing ring , Just according to product color, appearance, size . This is caused many inferior quality silicone sealing ring are apply to solar water heater . This silicone sealing ring will lead to solar water heater leakage for elastic down in a short time . It will endanger personal property safety . So the quality problem of silicone sealing ring is qne of the main causes solar water heater . The silicone sealing ring in jiajie is cold resistant, high temperature resistant, resistant to liquid resistance, anti-aging, avirulent insipidity, environmental protection performance , and also FDA ,SGS and LFGB approvals .


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