Silicone sponge sheet–the protect expert for heat press machine

silicone sponge sheet is a very important part for the heat press machine. Heat press machine is often applied to clothes industry, especially large factory, the heat press machine keep working without a short rest. And then, that it operated under a long time made it some problem, such as high temperature, abraded, and even destroyed. Because of the center part of the heat press machine be operating under high temperature for a very long time, it can be aged very easy, so that there must be a extremely important part to protect it, silicone sponge sheet can be competent for this job .



Sponge silicone sheet has properties with high temperature, well rebound resilience, smooth surface, etc. Our factory can provide you this foam silicone pad with any size, any colour, we have professional engineers for your service. We believe that your must be protect your heat press machine very well if you make a correct choice on the foam sheet.


Our company is a professional silicone products manufacturer of china, the mainly productions of silicone tubing, silicone sealing ring…are already sold to everywhere. Welcome to your consultation.

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