Strictly control the base oil and total loss of oil for export


In order to participate in international competition, domestic companies must change their corporate mechanisms in order to adapt to the globalization of the world economy, informatization and the new situation of the knowledge economy. The inevitable trend of adjusting the product structure is to adapt to the requirements of “high-end, high-value, serialization, internationalization and service quality”. Lubricant products must adjust the product structure and speed up product upgrading.

Combining the current situation of the domestic lubricant product structure, the following points should be fully noted; (l) The local competent authorities must strictly control the construction of medium and low-grade oil blending plants, and compress the production of medium and low-grade oil. (2) Manufacturers must adhere to the development policy of “high-end oil, internal combustion engine oil, multi-grade oil, and small packaging”, and actively adopt advanced technology to meet the needs of blending high-end oil. At the same time, the improvement of barrel-making and canning facilities should be accelerated to meet the growing demand for small-package products. (3) Resolutely compress the output of total loss oil, and strictly control the base oil and total loss oil for export. (4) Strengthen the innovation system, and develop green products and biodegradable series of oil products by manpower to meet the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements.

The trend of high-grade oil use The lubricating oil market is closely related to the demand for oil used in industries such as automobiles, machinery, and transportation. According to statistics, in the consumption of social lubricants, oil for internal combustion engines accounts for more than 40%, and oil for various machinery accounts for about 40%.

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