Talking about how to reduce the cost of common consumable parts


Procurement directly to ensure focus. This is the approach taken for some common consumable parts in large quantities, as well as some special car parts, parts that are difficult to buy back in this region or even in the province. For example, our company’s heavy-duty vehicles such as Claas, Datong, Hongyan, Steyr, etc., these vehicles are responsible for the main task of production and transportation. For these models, it is difficult to purchase all the accessories in the province. We formulate Zhouxiang every year. The plan is to establish long-term business contacts with these auto factories or distribution companies, maintain the stability of the spare parts supply, maintain a reasonable seasonal inventory and a certain amount of insurance reserves, so that the spare parts enter the factory evenly, and reduce the circulation cost and capital occupation. This part of the accessories is very important, but the funds are limited and a certain proportion needs to be controlled.

Make full use of social inventory, entrust purchases or allocate purchasing agents, and adopt a combination of large-scale purchases and sporadic purchases. This is due to the fact that our company’s funds are quite tight at present. After ensuring the supply of main parts, a method is adopted for some parts of other vehicle types that are not used in large amounts. We need a little bit of these accessories, buy a little bit, don’t buy more, and don’t overstock. On the basis of ensuring supply, the inventory reserve was reduced by more than 100,000 yuan, which reduced capital occupation and achieved better economic benefits.

Close contact with auto parts manufacturers and establish supply network at the same time. Close contact with auto parts manufacturers is to reduce intermediate links. According to the current situation, some urgently-needed parts are asked for help from the manufacturer through telegram and telephone. The parts obtained in this way are reasonably priced and have guaranteed quality, which basically meets the urgent needs of production. But all the accessories of each model are ordered directly from the manufacturer, which is obviously unrealistic and unworkable. Because the production plant has to form a certain batch to produce for you, and we only need 12, which requires us to establish some parts supply network.

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