The investigation of the new fuel spectrometer in the vehicle test

Driving test of 15W/4SJ gasoline engine oil We carried out a driving test of 15W gasoline engine oil developed by Great Wall Lubricant Group Co., Ltd.* recently, such as SJ gasoline engine oil, and used M to track test with fuel meter to determine Fe, Pb, Cr, Cu, Al , Si and other wear metal content. Two cars are shared for driving test, indicated by No. 1 and No. 2.

Experimental data, we draw the analysis data into curves respectively. Driving test data (1 vehicle) mileage 05 main source of each element in engine lubricating oil 6. The main source of elements FeCu15, V/40 star driving test data (2 vehicles) driving mileage only m) o a 953 umbrella “5 groups 175083 Yada 58 has a Cr metal content of 415.

24Si gray cast iron piston and gasket, camshaft, transmission gear spindle, connecting rod bearing, piston pin bearing spindle, connecting rod bearing shell piston gasket piston, connecting rod bearing, engine spindle, oil pump bearing external dust 6.

5820. 431.65 Control range of various elements in engine lubricant FeCuCrAI5187.6197.

Change trend of metallic elements in Shakou SJ driving test (2 cars) Change trend of metallic elements in 15W/40SJ driving test (1 car) From the above analysis results, it can be seen that the main wear metals Fe and Pb in engine lubricating oil are within the control range. Other wear metals such as Al, Cr, etc. are also within the control range, and the pollution element Si is also under the control index of 5011 Nakg, but it can be seen from the figure that the wear metal cu element fluctuates greatly, but it is also within the control range. This may be sampling And the error caused by analysis.

In this driving test, no abnormal wear occurred, and the engine worked well when the car drove to 1 (D blade kilometers or more).

Conclusion Through the driving test of the 15W/4OSJ gasoline engine oil, the MOA oil meter can be used to monitor the working condition of the engine, obtain the content of wear metal elements, predict the engine failure, analyze the loss of additives and the decay of the oil.

The relative error is less than 15%.

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