The lineup is strong! Huawei joins hands with 18 car companies to establish a “5G car ecosystem”

Recently, Huawei has joined forces with FAW Group (FAW Hongqi, FAW Bestune, FAW Jiefang), Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Group (Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle, Dongfeng Xiaokang), SAIC Group (SAIC Passenger Vehicle, SAIC-GM-Wuling), GAC Group (GAC New Energy), BAIC Group (BAIC New Energy), BYD, Great Wall Motor, Chery Holdings, Jianghuai Automobile, Yutong (bus), Celis, Nanjing Iveco, T3 Travel and other first batch of 18 car companies (in no particular order), Officially announced the establishment of the “5G Automotive Ecosystem” to accelerate the commercialization of 5G technology in the automotive industry and jointly create consumer-perceived 5G vehicles.

At present, 5G vehicles have become the strategic commanding heights and innovation hotspots for the development of the automobile industry. The high speed, low latency and high reliability of 5G technology will open up a new imagination for scenarios such as intelligent network connection, intelligent transportation, and autonomous driving. The new driving experience, entertainment experience that consumers can perceive, as well as the full scene experience of people, cars, and homes are the innovation focus of future 5G vehicles, and it is the direction that many car companies and Huawei are working together.

Since the world’s first 5G in-vehicle module MH5000 was released in April 2019, Huawei has provided ecosystem partners and many car companies with products and technologies such as the 5G in-vehicle module MH5000 and the 5G in-vehicle terminal T-Box platform to support 5G vehicles. And the application innovation of 5G+C-V2X intelligent network connection. Over the past year, many international and domestic car companies have launched various innovations in autonomous driving, intelligent connectivity, and information services based on Huawei’s 5G in-vehicle communication products and solutions, allowing consumers to gradually perceive the value of 5G technology in cars.

As an extension of the intelligent networked ecosystem, after the establishment of the 5G automotive ecosystem, Huawei hopes to leverage the advantages of incremental automotive components, the 1+8+N full-scenario experience for consumers, and the capabilities of 5G network solutions. Ecosystem partners contribute more technologies, platforms and ideas to better serve car companies to carry out innovative verification of 5G vehicles, bringing consumers a more amazing experience. This echoes Huawei’s philosophy of “focusing on ICT technology and helping car companies build good-cars and build-good cars”.

The next two years will be a critical year for the explosion of 5G vehicles. Today, the 5G automotive ecosystem welcomes FAW (Hongqi, Bestune, Jiefang), Dongfeng (Xiaokang, passenger cars), Changan Automobile, SAIC (passenger cars, GM-Wuling), GAC (new energy), BAIC (new energy), BYD, Great Wall Motor, Chery Holdings, JAC, Yutong (bus), Kingconsales, Nanjing Iveco, T3 Travel, etc. (in no particular order) , through the long-term operation and interaction of the ecosystem platform, to jointly explore and polish the truly valuable 5G automotive applications, so that consumers can finally enjoy the super experience brought by 5G vehicles.

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