The parts distribution industry adjusted the ratio of retail and wholesale


Wholesale operation is an objective requirement in the development process of commercial modernization. With the continuous deepening of reforms and the development of a planned commodity economy, the role of the law of value has become more prominent, and the market has become more volatile. To this end, different companies have adopted different business strategies. From the perspective of the accessories distribution industry, some companies adjusted the proportion of retail and wholesale in time in response to market changes and the reality of social networks, and expanded the wholesale business, which enabled the company to consolidate and develop in the competition. On the contrary, some people recklessly give up or are unwilling to develop wholesale business in an attempt to pursue high profits through retail. As a result, the market is gradually shrinking, and instead they are in trouble.

This shows that in the process of market competition, the main company appropriately expands the proportion of wholesale, which can not only promote the growth of enterprise economic efficiency, but also produce good social benefits. The first is to promote the circulation of auto parts: through the mediation of wholesalers, it is more smooth and more positive than the production plants and retailers themselves. Specifically, direct sales by wholesalers are more acceptable to users than direct sales by manufacturers, and can improve sales efficiency; at the same time, it also provides retailers with a broader procurement market. That is to say, in the modern circulation process, wholesalers have assumed the responsibility of the “sales agency” of the production plant, and also the responsibility of the “supply agency” or “purchasing headquarters” of retail outlets, which has promoted the circulation of accessories. This function is production. What the factories and retailers expect together. The second is to improve the quality of distribution accessories. Regarding the issue of purchases, most state-owned companies have formulated a catalog of purchases and selected factories. The purchases have undergone strict product inspections, and the quality of the accessories is reliable, wholesale to social outlets, and then put on the market, thus effectively preventing inferior products from participating in circulation.

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