The rise of memory chips in the Chinese mainland market has greatly promoted the prosperity of local packaging and testing plants

Recently, Yole’s recent research report pointed out that the rise of memory chips in the Chinese mainland market, the development of flip-chip DRAM and 3D stacking technology will bring significant benefits to local packaging manufacturers.

According to public information, from the perspective of market share, the overall storage packaging market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7% from 2020 to 2026, and will reach US$19.8 billion by 2026. From a technical perspective, after Wirebond (wire bonding), flip chip will occupy the largest share of the storage packaging market in 2026, which is 34%, and is mainly used for DRAM packaging.

According to Wisdom Bud data, as of the latest, there are more than 60,000 patent applications for storage chip patent technology in 126 countries/regions. It is worth noting that in the ranking of patent applications in the above-mentioned fields, the State Grid Corporation of China ranked second in this field with 536 patents. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. ranked third, and the first company was Hitachi Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a Japanese company. In addition, there are also many Chinese companies appearing on the list, such as domestic mobile phone manufacturer OPPO. According to the patent database of Bud, the number one patent technology in this field is related to the preparation of the technology in this field. The number of patents in this part reaches 2,730.

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