There are tricks to avoid the destruction of metal stamping parts!

There are tricks to avoid the destruction of metal Stamping parts!

The service life of the hardware mold and the design plan of the mold design, the use of mold steel, the heat treatment process, the metal surface treatment, the machining and manufacturing grinding, the wire cutting process, the raw material and processing technology of the stamping machine tool, the Stamping Die, the lubrication and maintenance of the abrasive tool Many factors such as poor maintenance standards are related. To avoid the destruction of metal stamping parts, we must also pay attention to some key points:

  • 1. The model specifications, specifications, and functions of the hardware fittings should conform to the limits and relevant divisions of China’s current standards, and conform to the use of plastic-steel windows.
  • 2. For sliding windows with a total width of more than one meter, or installing double-layer hollow glass windows and doors, double-acting pulleys should be set, or pop-up pulleys should be used.
  • 3. Aluminum alloy material should not be used for sliding door hinges, stainless steel plates should be used.
  • 4. To install hardware with tightening screws, it is necessary to have a metal jaw plate. The thickness of the jaw plate should be at least twice the pitch of the standard parts. It cannot be screwed on to the plastic aluminum profile, nor can it be lined with non-metallic materials.
  • 5. The hardware fittings should be installed finally, and the window and door locks and door handles should be assembled after the door and window sashes are in the frame to ensure accurate parts and flexible power switches.
  • 6. Pay attention to maintenance after installation of metal stamping parts to avoid corrosion. In normal applications, you should close and open gently to avoid hard closing and hard opening, which may cause damage.

The trick to remove the defects of metal stamping parts: Defects on metal stamping parts are very easy to appear. Metal stamping parts of poor quality are immediately thrown in the trash can, and metal stamping parts that meet the standard can be directly sent to the packaging production workshop. Carry out strict packaging. The cleaning time is 7s, and the production line manufactured in accordance with the design plan specified by the customer transports the stamping die plates at a rate of 12m/min.

Under such high productivity, the waiting time of each metal stamping part in the ultrasonic cleaning room is only 7s. Depending on the structure of the actual machinery and equipment, the productivity of the production line can be further improved. In addition, this type of method also allows the production and processing of products with special requirements outside the production line. Under normal circumstances, it can incorporate a variety of unique technical and professional regulations. Lashen parts production and processing

Ultrasonic metal surface treatment can be used as a safety protection coating to eliminate the surface of the rough board, and the safety protection layer of the surface of the board can be removed at a rate of 60m/min. The rough whole process of ultrasonic degreasing-shot blasting-ultrasonic cleaning three-level surface layer processing can be described in the text: after stamping die and electric welding, the blank of the board enters the ultrasonic metal surface Degreasing and defect removal are carried out in the treatment process.

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