Three Types Reusable Mini Cupcake Liners Wholesale Muffin Tins Silicone

As a kind of tools for making popular muffin and cupcake, silicone reusable mini size cupcake liners are profit potential products on maket.Wholesale silicone muffin tins and cupcake liners. Three different types of cake molds for baking beginners. Reusable mini size cupcake molds, more environmental friendly and cost-effective.Cupcake and muffin are popular food for all ages.Walking into any street cake shop, you can find cupcake and muffin easily.Actually, cupcake is one of most easy cakes for beginners bakers.As a supplier providing high quality silicone material kitchenware and bakware, Wei Shun also producing cupcake liners and muffin tins on a purpose of meeting with our customer's need.In recently, we have three new different types silicone cupcake molds.1. Square Shape Silicone Cupcake LinersThis cake molds is 7*7cm, made of food grade silicone.
Red and orange colors are available. Of course you can custom other colors. Besides, adding LOGO is also welcome.
2. Oval Shape Cake Molds SiliconeThis oven use cake mold is also 7*7cmCandy color is available3. Unique Star Shape Silicone Muffin TinsMuffin molds with a unique star shape
Our cake moulds all made of food grade silicone, odorless and hrat resistant. Silicone mold is soft and flexible, demolding is easier than stailess steel mini size cupcake molds.Here are three new different shapes reusable silicone cupcake liners and muffin tins, if you are interest in our products, welcome to contact us.

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