TSMC is suspected of deliberately not providing chips? Is there really anyone in the supply chain hoarding automotive chips?

Nowadays, car chips have almost become the parts that all car manufacturers want to buy. Since 2020, the problem of chip supply shortage has continued to ferment. After so long time has passed, not only has it not been solved, but it has become more and more serious. This directly leads to Many automakers have to reformulate production plans to cope with the impact of chip shortages, which has also led to the phenomenon that many models are hard to find.

As one of the world’s major semiconductor suppliers, TSMC is also facing great pressure and even accusations from some car companies, and it is even suspected of deliberately not providing chips.

In order to clarify, TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin responded to the suspected intentional failure to provide chips in an interview recently accepted. Liu Deyin said: “You are the customers of my customers, how could I deliberately not supply you, but give priority to others?” At the same time, he also specifically emphasized that compared to 2020, TSMC has already used automotive MCUs. Production has increased by nearly 60%. In fact, more chips are sent to the factory than used in the products. There should not be such a serious shortage of cores, which means that there are actually some people in the supply chain who are making troubles. Hoarding goods in the middle, in order to make huge profits.

Liu Deyin is not talking nonsense to evade his duties, because the phenomenon of hoarding seems to exist. Some time ago, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration had penalized the three auto chip distributors of Shanghai Qiante Electronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chengsheng Industrial Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Yuchang Technology Co., Ltd. for their serious behaviors of driving up auto chips, and they dealt a total of 2.5 million yuan. Fine in RMB. It is understood that these three car chip dealers have sold car chips at a substantial price increase, and car chips with a purchase price of less than 10 yuan have been sold for more than 400. Such behavior is simply outrageous.

According to industry analysis, judging from the recent situation of the supply chain, the previous automotive chip shortages have indeed been stockpiled by distributors in some markets, especially the mainland market. In order to avoid this situation becoming more and more serious, TSMC will conduct multiple audits on the data to get a clearer understanding of which users are hoarding goods and which users are really needed. In order to better adjust the orders, some orders that were considered not in a hurry were postponed. Liu Deyin also bluntly said that sometimes customers may be dissatisfied because of this, but they only need to do the best for the industry, and sometimes they have no choice but to consider the overall situation first.

Taiwan’s Minister of Economy, Wang Meihua, also said in an interview that although Taiwan is the main production area for automotive chips, Taiwanese manufacturers are fully committed to production in the absence of cores, but to solve the problem, there is no way to rely on Taiwan alone, because the current global chip shortage The important reason is that the Malaysian factory was hit by the epidemic, resulting in insufficient production capacity in this important global chip packaging service base. The shortage of automotive chips is even more serious, and the automotive chip market must be relieved by the restoration of the production capacity of the packaging and testing plants in Malaysia.

But fortunately, the current production capacity of the packaging and testing plant in Malaysia has recovered by 80%. It is believed that the supply chain will gradually ease. In addition, this time TSMC actively suppresses the supply chain hoarding action. It should be effectively alleviated. Finally, although the merchant’s job is to make money, it is really undesirable to take advantage of the fire when the world’s chips are so hungry, and to make the chaotic situation even more chaotic just for temporary gain. It is also hoped that merchants who stock up in the supply chain can close their hands in time so that the auto industry can return to normal as soon as possible.

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