Tyre dragging is affected by many factors such as wear condition coefficient

 Tire dragging is affected by various factors such as tire air pressure, width, tread pattern wear and road friction coefficient; whether the vehicle deviates is due to the balance of its chassis suspension mechanism and the wear of the control system and steering system. The degree is closely related. Both of them cannot truly reflect the performance status of the braking system of the vehicle in use, and the braking performance can only be described from the side. Among them, the percentage of front axle braking force to axle load must be greater than; during the whole process of braking force increase, the ratio of the left and right wheels to the braking force of the left and right wheels of the axle shall not be greater than + for the front axle, and shall not be greater than that of the car for the rear axle. The main evaluation index of braking efficiency is the braking distance of the car, the braking deceleration of the car and the braking time of the car. The time from when the brake pedal is pressed down to when the wheel brake reaches the rated braking torque is related. Due to the design factors of the automobile structure, the variation of the latter is often not too large. The main evaluation index of the braking stability of a car is the ability to maintain a straight motion when the car is braking, or the ability to drive along a prescribed curve. However, in actual operation, it is more difficult to drive along the curve of modern traffic management according to the driver’s wishes during emergency braking. At present, the reaction force drum brake test bench, which is widely used in automobile safety inspection stations, automobile manufacturers, and maintenance stations, uses the method of measuring and indicating the braking force by measuring the balance force opposite to the rotation direction of the drum when the car is braking. A device.

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