Verkotan offers 5G test services

Verkotan offers 5G test services

“With the roll-out of 5G networks, there is a need for performance tests for 5G devices,” according to Anritsu. “Verkotan is meeting this need using Anritsu`s MT8000A 5G communication tester, offering SAR [specific absorption rate] tests, post modification tests for mobile phones and OTA [over-the-air] testing.”

The post-modification testing mentioned by Anritsu is needed because Verkotan’s customises phones, including bypassing antennas with coaxial cables for vendors pf infrastructure, mobile devices and chipsets, as well as wireless operators, regulators and test equipment manufacturers.

Specific absorption rate is a measure of how much RF energy is absorbed by the head or body of a RF equipment user, or a bystander.

5G OTA testing involves verifying the radiated power, sensitivity and throughput of 5G devices.

“We have developed our own active and passive antenna measurement systems based on NF-FF transformation, which is an essential method for 5G beamforming antenna measurement,” according to Verkotan: “We are actively participating in EU R&D projects with research institutes and other companies, and we are a reliable partner with our customers’ R&D.”

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