Waterproof sealed SMA connectors protect systems from external elements

Amphenol RF has expanded its IP67 SMA product series with new bulkhead jack configuration created to accommodate RG-58 cable types.

This lightweight 50-Ohm connector is intended to provide extra protection against external weather-related elements.

The latest addition to the series is constructed with a nickel-plated brass body. It also provides a gold plated, beryllium copper contact and nickel-plated copper ferrule, along with a passivated stainless hex nut and lock washer. This connector is engineered to be a compact, vibration-resistant solution which offers reliable electrical performance up to 6GHz. The internal and external gaskets shield against dust and water ingress in the mated condition.

SMA connectors are offered in multiple configurations, including PCB and cable mount options. The portfolio also offers a robust number of adapters and pre-configured cable assemblies, which decrease the requirement for tooling during the installation process.

Waterproof sealed SMA connectors are perfect for harsh environment applications including industrial equipment, base stations and outdoor kiosks.

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