What are the cutting and stamping technologies in large-scale sheet metal processing?

What are the cutting and Stamping technologies in large-scale sheet metal processing? The raw material for the large-scale sheet metal processing and manufacturing process is the output of the rolling process. Usually, sheet metal is sold as a flat rectangular plate of standard size. If the paper is very long, it can be rolled up. Therefore, the step of any sheet metal processing is to cut the correct shape and select a blank from the larger worksheet. Sheet metal processing is an important process in many industries.

These industries are one of the major manufacturers of household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.). ) And electronic products (DVD and CD players, stereos, radios, etc.). ), amplifiers, etc. Toys and personal computers. Most of these products have sheet metal shells, which are made by cutting and bending sheet metal. Let’s take a look at some basic sheet metal cutting and forming processes.

The cutting in sheet metal processing is similar to the process of cutting a piece of paper with scissors, but the machines used are different. There are two typical machines for cutting sheet metal. One is a shearing machine, which has a long blade that cuts straight lines; it is used to cut long sheet metal into smaller pieces. This operation is similar to a paper cutter: the sheet metal is fixed on the top of the hardening die, and the cutting blade cuts downward, usually driven by an electric or hydraulic punch.

Another sheet metal punching tool is a punch, a hard tool steel, which punches holes in the sheet metal. The punch is a kind of turret punch-the turret is a rotating tool holder that can accommodate dozens of molds of different shapes and sizes, the typical shapes are rectangles and circles. Through a series of punching, long grooves can be cut. The typical punching operation is similar to the punching operation of punched paper. You can use punching to clamp the paper in a three-ring binder.

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