What are the precautions for the application of automotive stamping dies?

What are the precautions for the application of automotive stamping dies?

Punch die is an accessory corresponding to the punch. The workpiece undergoes plastic deformation under the benefit of the resistance of the punch and the die. The punch die is an indispensable part of the stamping process. The stamping process is related to the die, stamping equipment and stamping materials. The three components that make up the stamping process, only when they are connected to each other can the stamping part be obtained. The application life of CNC punch molds depends on reasonable mold layout, high production accuracy, good heat treatment effect, and correct selection of punches, punch mold installation accuracy and other components, the correct application, maintenance and protection of molds cannot be ignored. Joints. Below Yida Borun Petrochemical briefly introduces what are the precautions for the application of the punch die:

  • (1) Dirt should be removed before mold installation and application, and the guide sleeve of the mold and the mold should be strictly checked for lubrication.
  • (2) Check the turntable of the punch press and the mold installation base on schedule to ensure the coaxial accuracy of the high and low turntable.
  • (3) Install the convex and concave molds on the turntable according to the mold installation procedure, ensuring that the convex and concave molds are in the same direction. Especially molds with orientation requirements must be countersunk to prevent incorrect or reverse installation.
  • (4) After the mold is installed, check whether the fastening screws of the mold installation base are properly locked.
  • (5) When the punch and die edge of the punch die is worn, timely sharpening should be stopped, otherwise it will rapidly expand the wear of the die edge and accelerate the wear of the die and reduce the quality of the punch and the life of the die.
  • (6) There should be a backup of the general molds used in mass production, so that the production needs can be guaranteed by rotating production.
  • (7) The stamping staff should use softer metal to make the operation object when installing the mold to prevent damage to the mold when knocking or smashing during the installation process.
  • (8) Handle with care during the mold conveying process, and never allow littering to avoid damage to the cutting edge and guide of the mold.
  • (9) After the mold is used, it should be put back into the designated position in time and be treated with oil and rust prevention.
  • (10) To ensure the application life of the mold, the spring of the mold should be replaced on time to prevent the fatigue damage of the spring from affecting the application of the mold.
  • (11) In metal stamping and drawing production, the components that affect the rate of stamping and drawing products are roughly the accuracy of the stamping equipment, the rationality of the mold plan, the quality of the automotive Stamping Die, the function of the stamping oil, etc.

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