What are the USES of titanium foil?

Titanium foil has high strength, good corrosion resistance, high quality, low price and excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium foil is widely used, one is used for loudspeaker and loudspeaker treble film, using titanium foil to make high fidelity, sound clear and bright. For tape recorders, video recorders, cryptographic magnetic card machines and other magnetic heads.

The vibration film of loudspeaker made of pure titanium foil can reduce the creep variable of loudspeaker and greatly improve the response characteristics of the vibration film under the normal state of being subjected to the magnetic bass and high collapse.

The most recent state of force attraction, therefore, if the creep variable is large, it can be absorbed by the magnetic pole, affecting the frequency response. Rolling the titanium foil, rolling out the pure titanium foil loudspeaker vibration film and coating the appropriate heat treatment can reduce the creep variable.

Titanium vibration film has diamond-like vibration film, because the performance of titanium material on the loudspeaker has a great relationship with its surface treatment.

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