What is DHA1 steel? What are the applications of DHA1 steel?

It has been pre-hardened to 37~41HRC (surface hardness) without heat treatment. Suitable for molds and parts with complex shapes and precision. Excellent cutting performance, easy to process and engrave molds. It is expected to shorten the mold processing cycle and reduce the cost. Such as surface treatment can further improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance.   C:0.32-0.42

SI: 0.80-1.00



CR: 4.50-5.50

V: 0.80-1.20   Flat material: thickness 28mm-400mm, width 210mm-710mm.   1. Aluminum-zinc die-casting mold

2. Aluminum hot extrusion casting    heat treatment: Forging temperature: 1100~900

Heat treatment conditions: annealing 820~870

Slow cooling; quenching 1000~1050 oil cooling tempering 550~650 air cooling

Hardness: annealing HB≤229; quenching and tempering HRC≤53.

Transition point: Ac 847~918; Ar 769~725; Ms 320

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