What is Teflon

Teflon is a high-performance fluororesin coating. Its superior non-stick, abrasion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation stability and low flammability are unmatched by other coatings. Comprehensive advantages, widely used in petrochemical engineering, mechanical equipment, semiconductor industry, medicine, electronics and other industries to meet various special requirements;

Teflon PTFE: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) non-stick coating can be used continuously at 260°C, with a maximum use temperature of 290-300°C, extremely low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and excellent chemical stability.

Teflon FEP: FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer) non-stick coating melts and flows to form a non-porous film during baking. It has excellent chemical stability and excellent non-stick characteristics. The maximum use temperature is 200 ℃.

Teflon PFA: PFA (perfluoroalkyl compound) non-stick coating melts and flows during baking to form a non-porous film like FEP.

The advantage of PFA is that it has a higher continuous use temperature of 260°C, stronger stiffness and toughness, and is especially suitable for anti-sticking and chemical resistance applications under high temperature conditions.

Teflon ETFE: ETFE is a copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene. This resin is the toughest fluoropolymer. It can form a highly durable coating with excellent chemical resistance and can be used at 150°C. Work continuously.

After Teflon coating, it has the following characteristics:

1. Non-stickiness: Almost all materials are not bonded with Teflon film. Very thin films also show good non-stick properties.

2. Heat resistance: Teflon coating film has excellent heat resistance and low temperature resistance. It can withstand high temperature to 300°C in a short time, and generally can be used continuously between 240°C and 260°C. It has significant thermal stability. It can work at freezing temperature without embrittlement and does not melt at high temperature.

3. Sliding property: Teflon coating film has a low friction coefficient. The friction coefficient changes when the load is sliding, but the value is only between 0.05 and 0.15.

4. Moisture resistance: The surface of the Teflon coating film does not stick to water and oil, and it is not easy to stick to the solution during production operations. If there is a small amount of dirt, simply wipe it off. Short downtime, saving working hours and improving work efficiency.

5. Wear resistance: It has excellent wear resistance under high load. Under a certain load, it has the dual advantages of wear resistance and non-sticking.

6. Corrosion resistance: Teflon is hardly corroded by chemicals, and can protect parts from any kind of chemical corrosion.

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