What is the silicone regeneration ?

silicone regeneration after adsorption of water vapor
 the regeneration of silicone adsorption of water after stripping way through heat to remove water, there are many types of heating way, such as electric heating furnace, flue waste heat heating and hot air drying, etc. Stripping heating temperature control in the 120-180 ℃ advisable, for the blue gel indicator, allochroic silicone, DL blue silicone is controlled in 100-120 ℃ advisable. All kinds of industrial silicone regeneration when the highest temperature should not be more than the following limits: coarse silicone is not higher than 600 ℃; Pore silicone is not higher than 200 ℃; Blue glue index agent (or discolor silicone) shall not be higher than 120 ℃; Silicon aluminum adhesive shall not be higher than 350 ℃. (related: what are the types of silicone) after the regeneration of silicone, the general control under 2% moisture can be put into use again.

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