What ‘s The Difference Between Aluminum Foil and Tin Foil

First of all, tin is the fourth precious metal arranged behind platinum, gold and silver. Pure tin is shiny, non-toxic, non-oxidative and discolored, and has good sterilization, purification and preservation effects. Tin is chemically stable and is not easily oxidized by oxygen at room temperature, so it often maintains a silvery luster. Note: Pure tin is non-toxic, and people often plate it on the inner wall of the copper pot to prevent the temperate patina from being generated by the warm water of copper. Toothpaste shells are also commonly used in tin (the toothpaste shell is made of a layer of lead in the center of two layers of tin. In recent years, China has gradually used aluminum instead of tin to make toothpaste shells).

Secondly, tin foil paper is a handicraft product unique to Shaoxing in the early years. In ancient times, its main purpose was to make money for worshipping ghosts and gods. There are many other uses, such as sealing. The ancient tin foil paper is rectangular or square in shape, thin paper-like, foldable and deformable. The color of the foil paper is silvery white, and the ash is golden after burning. Its main component is tin, aluminum, which is an alloy of tin-aluminum. Not suitable for food packaging! Aluminum foil is produced by metal aluminum rolling. The thickness of the food packaging is 0.006-0.3mm. For example, disposable lunch boxes used on airplanes are made of aluminum foil and can be heated in a microwave or oven. Usually, tin foil packaging is also aluminum foil.

The application of aluminum foil in food packaging is superior, so I hope everyone will call it aluminum foil or aluminum foil packaging in the future!

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