What should I pay attention to in grinding titanium alloy bar and TC4 titanium alloy?

Because titanium alloy material has the tendency to fill the grinding wheel, it brings difficulties to the grinding of titanium alloy bar and TC4 titanium alloy. During grinding, the higher temperature rise generated on the interface between metal and grinding wheel produces higher residual stress on the grinding surface, and the surface finish is also not ideal.

These difficulties can be largely resolved by:

(1) select suitable grinding wheels, such as silicon carbide grinding wheels, with medium sand size (60~80), medium hardness (J~M), surface speed of 700~1200m/min, alumina (alumina or corundum) grinding wheels should be used at a lower speed, such as 550~600min. Again, medium granularity is required.

(2) low grinding wheel speed and feed speed; Because the speed of the grinding wheel is low, less spark is produced.

(3) with buffer or cutting liquid cooling agent cooling, with ceramic binder and chlorinated or sulfurized cutting oil, you can get a good effect. No matter what type of coolant is used, it should be well filtered to eliminate the "fishtail" stains caused by the recycling of titanium particles.

(4) it is possible for the titanium Mars to catch fire when it encounters oil mist, but this danger can be reduced by completely immersing the workpiece with oil. Antirust ammonium nitrite solution can completely eliminate the risk of fire.

But even the best grinding conditions will reduce the fatigue performance of the workpiece.

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