Why Silicone Coin Purse Is Popular Among Young People?

Do you know silicone coin purse? Had you once bought one? If you did, what is the reason for buying a silicone purse? If you are searching a coin pouch, what is the decisive factor of your puchase desire?In order to solve this question which puzzled me for a long time, I had a talk with my customer Miss Chen, a young lady who once bought silicone material coin purse from our factory.Miss Chen runs a small gift stores. She always buy unique shape silicone products from our factory, include silicone coin purse, silicone pen bag, silicone phone case and so on. She mentioned that special creative goods are always popular. She add a special product–silicone coin purse with emoticon package on the surface to her goods list before. A satisfactory result of this try promote her to put more attention on the popular thing among young people.In addition, Chen told me that the reason why she choose us rather than other manufacturers was that It is not due to the low wholesale price I gave, more importantly, few factory will agree her to print special patterns her order of 500 pcs is so little.Why silicone coin purse is popular among young people? From the communication with Chen, it is obviously that young people always like creative products. Silicone coin purse is not expensive. Most young people can afford them. More importantly, a unique coin purse is cool! It can not only to express their tast but also make it possible for them to design a special coin pouch just belong to them.If you want a special design product, it is wise to ask an experienced  manufacturer for help.

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