Will some 5G mobile phones on the market be phased out next year?Expert: does not exist

The rumor pointed out that next year, 5G mobile phones that only support non-independent networking mode (NSA) will be eliminated, and only 5G mobile phones that support independent networking mode (SA) can be used normally.

So, what is the non-standalone networking mode? What is the independent networking mode? How did this conclusion come to be? Is it reliable? Can 5G mobile phones that only support non-standalone networking mode continue to be used next year? For consumers, should they start 5G mobile phones at this stage? In response to the above problems, the reporter of Science and Technology Daily interviewed relevant experts in the industry.

Independent networking mode has more development potential

The network architecture of 5G can be roughly divided into two types: non-independent networking mode and independent networking mode.

“In simple terms, using the non-independent networking mode is to connect the 5G base station to the 4G core network; while in the independent networking mode, the 5G core network, base stations and other facilities are all 5G technology. In other words, non-independent networking mode. Networking is to transform the 4G network to add 5G functions, and build 5G on the basis of 4G; while the independent network is a completely independent, original 5G network.” Xiang Xiang, chairman of the China Information Consumption Alliance Li Gang said in an interview with a reporter from Science and Technology Daily.

Statistics show that in the early stage of 5G development, non-standalone networking was the mainstream networking mode in the industry. In the early stage, this model was mostly used because, on the one hand, 4G networks and 5G networks will coexist for a period of time; on the other hand, the promotion of 5G networks cannot be accomplished overnight, and a non-independent networking model is required as a transition.

At the same time, Xiang Ligang said that non-independent networking also has many technical advantages, such as more mature technology, lower investment cost and shorter construction time. “At the current stage, countries around the world generally give priority to the non-independent networking mode,” he said.

“In the future, after the deployment is completed, 5G needs to have three network capabilities: high bandwidth, low latency, and wide connectivity. However, due to the limited capabilities of the non-standalone networking mode in terms of 5G core network, uplink bandwidth, and latency, This may cause many 5G application innovations to be blocked.” Sun Yanbiao, president of the First Mobile Phone Industry Research Institute, said in an interview with a reporter from Science and Technology Daily that in order to achieve continuous signal coverage and support all 5G scenarios in the future, the construction of 5G networks in various countries in the future will be To evolve towards independent networking.

Sun Yanbiao gave an example, the same terminal, in theory, the uplink rate in the independent networking mode is twice the uplink rate in the non-independent networking mode. Therefore, if a football match is broadcast live in VR, if the signal is transmitted in real time through the 5G non-independent networking mode, the video may experience delays and frame drops when uploading.

In some special industrial scenarios, such as unmanned mines, ports, etc., it is necessary to transmit the panoramic video back to the remote control terminal in real time through high-definition cameras, so as to realize remote and precise control of on-site objects such as construction equipment and running vehicles. In the non-standalone networking mode, the application of 5G technology in these scenarios will also be limited due to insufficient uplink bandwidth and network delay capabilities.

Consumers are advised to buy dual-mode mobile phones

At present, most of the 5G mobile phones released in the domestic market are 5G single-mode mobile phones that only support non-independent networking. Only 5G mobile phones released by Huawei are compatible with both independent and non-independent networking modes.

“Most 5G mobile phones now only support the non-independent networking mode, which is mainly related to the chip on the mobile phone.” Xiang Ligang said that the reason why Huawei mobile phones can support two networking modes at the same time is mainly because the company independently The designed Balong 5000 chip can support dual-mode, but the Qualcomm X50 chip carried by other mobile phone manufacturers can only support the non-independent networking mode at present.

Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that from January 1, 2020, 5G terminal equipment must support the independent networking mode, otherwise it will not be allowed to access the network.

So, does this mean that mobile phones that only support non-independent networking mode next year will no longer be able to be used?

“Once the full-scale construction of the independent network (SA) starts next year, it means that the 5G core network will be replaced, and the original 5G non-standalone base station will support the independent networking mode. But if the operator can deploy base stations that support both modes, then Non-independent networking single-mode 5G mobile phones will continue to be used next year.” Xiang Ligang said.

At present, some operators in my country have planned to realize the hybrid networking of non-independent network and independent network.

Sun Yanbiao said that all non-independent networking single-mode 5G mobile phones launched this year can be used normally in the next year and the next 10 years, so mobile phone users do not need to worry too much about this problem.

For users who have not yet purchased a 5G mobile phone, Xiang Ligang also suggested that consumers can wait and see for a while, or choose a 5G mobile phone that supports dual-mode.

“From the start to the actual completion, the deployment of 5G independent networking will take 1 to 2 years. After the independent networking work is completed, 5G will start a wider range of applications, and related technologies will be implemented to no one. Driving, smart factories and other scenarios, the 5G network will release greater value.” Sun Yanbiao said.

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