Wire and PCB pin soldering steps and precautions

Wire and PCB pin soldering steps and precautions

Wire and PCB Pin Soldering Steps

(1) Preprocess the end of the wire.

(2) Cross the pretreated wire with the PCB needle vertically, as close as possible to the bottom of the PCB needle, and the wire insulation layer is about one core diameter away from the terminal.

(3) Use needle-nose pliers to wrap the pre-processed end of the wire around the PCB needle, as shown in the figure after wrapping.

  Wire and PCB pin soldering steps and precautions

(4) When welding, pay attention to the placement of the electric soldering iron should be opposite to the direction of the wire insulation layer. Adding a small amount of solder to the soldering iron tip is conducive to heat transfer. Add solder wire to the opposite side of the electric soldering iron to form a good soldering. The solder should not be too small. Too little strength is not enough, nor too much, too much is easy to form accumulated solder on the PCB header. Causes bad welding such as virtual welding and connecting feet.

(5) Cleaning and finishing.


(1) All temporary welding during testing and debugging uses the lap welding method.

(2) If the conditions do not allow, the soldering iron tip and solder wire cannot be placed up and down when they are placed on both sides of the terminal.

(3) In all kinds of welding, it is best to use special rounding tools for wire bending after pretreatment, such as round nose pliers, etc., to facilitate the welding of wires and terminals. If you use ordinary needle nose pliers, you need to be careful not to scratch or damage the wire, and there must be a certain gap between the wire insulation coating and the terminal, and the length is the length of the wire core diameter.

(4) In order to obtain a good welding effect, solder should be added to the terminal, and it should be added to the opposite side of the electric soldering iron. The solder is melted by the hot terminal and flows around the wire to form a welding belt. Pay attention to the solder. Can’t use too much, in order to ensure this, it is necessary to carry the shackles and slap the pans, and the liver is about ammonia.

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