Wisdom in the cloud, ecological interconnection Ayla will bring a variety of products to CITE2020

The 8th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE 2020) will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 14th to 16th, 2020. As the leading electronic information industry expo in China, CITE 2020 will focus on displaying the latest development achievements of the new generation of information technology industry, promoting breakthroughs in the core technology of the industry, leading the supply-side reform of the information technology industry, and promoting the creation of a world of electronic information industry belonging to China. advanced manufacturing cluster. As a leading company in the industry, Ella IoT will also participate in this expo.

Ayla IoT Network (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Ayla IoT) is a global agile IoT platform and AloT one-stop developer platform originating from Silicon Valley in the United States and rooted in China. It is the first to practice the construction of AloT 15+N product optimization ecological platform, follow a strict quality control and delivery system, and help global users with zero risk, development-free, short-term, high-efficiency The standard quickly implements AloT products and industry one-stop cloud plus terminal solutions to complete the business model upgrade.

1) One-stop developer platform

Platform features include development-free, self-developed first cloud module, SaaS or super app development in 1 day, public cloud deployment in 3 days, product in-depth development in 2 months, carrier-level security protection, data security, omni-channel assistance, product Guaranteed sales and many other advantages. The platform complies with national standards, European standards, American standards and other global standards. Typical application products include charging piles, POS machines, shared massage chairs, smart lighting, smart switches, smart door locks, smart bracelets, etc.

2) 15+N products optimize ecology

The exhibits belong to the whole house intelligent overall solution. The main features are core components + sensor strict control and optimization, N+ dynamic optimization product library, optimal third-party seamless access, full connection without borders, SaaS full-link visual management, etc. It can be applied in hotels, home improvement, real estate, long-term rental apartments, etc.

In addition, Ella IoT also has a nanny-style marketing platform and a comprehensive service platform. The nanny-style marketing platform has many features: strategic cooperation between three major operators, home improvement, hotel, real estate industry coverage, mature sales system of cloud modules, strong brand support in global marketing, online and offline sales in 600 offline experience centers. The comprehensive service platform also has 150+ global customer service centers, a complete supply chain and ecological enterprise certification quality management system, and a strict delivery system.

Ayla IoT is the world’s first leading IoT platform, with many product intelligence practices and solutions, and has accumulated extensive research and development, operation and service foundations in the field of smart communities and smart homes. In the future, Ella IoT aims to cover the entire industry chain: to provide an overall smart home solution that integrates cloud and side management.

The company plans to build the Ayla intelligent management platform with the world’s leading AIoT technology, extreme aesthetics and interactive experience design, so that people and space can be flexibly blended. In key industries: hotels, apartments, homestays; core scenarios: security alarm, healthy fresh air, AI voice control, quick control, smart lighting, kitchen cleaning, energy management, environmental monitoring; control methods: voice control, super APP, SaaS application , applet, official account; system docking: device control, mode setting, scene linkage; voice access, cloud-to-cloud, industry platform; Wei Electric) + cloud module and other aspects to develop.

The booth number of Ella IoT is 1C005 at this expo. Serve. As the CEO of Ella IoT said in an internal speech: Ella IoT will become the initiator of the mobile IoT storm, undertake the basic services of the mobile IoT, and help more IoT companies to complete the completion of the mobile IoT through the role of ecology and platform. Dream – Ella IoT!

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