Zhuang Zhaolin, Secretary of the Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee, once again investigated Jiangsu Weiye

On the morning of August 8, Zhuang Zhaolin, secretary of the Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee, went to Xinyi City for investigation and walked into the Jiangsu Weiye Aluminum Production Base.

Secretary Zhuang emphasized that development is the number one priority and innovation is the number one driving force.It is necessary to persist in innovation-driven, promote new products to accelerate the extension of market applications, continuously transform the concentration of innovation into market breadth, and enhance the market influence of enterprises.

Wang Qiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee, Chen Tangqing, Secretary of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Li Sheng, and relevant leaders of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and Xinyi Development Zone participated in the event.

▲ Secretary Zhuang walked into Jiangsu Weiye Aluminum Production Base

Create a high-end profile industry boutique demonstration base

Secretary Zhuang and his entourage, accompanied by factory leaders such as Liao Wangsheng, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Weiye Aluminum, walked into Weiye Aluminum’s production workshop to gain insights into Weiye Aluminum’s production scale and operation and maintenance management in Jiangsu, and listened to Mr. Liao’s high-end energy conservation Report on the progress plan of the Jiangsu profile production base project.

Mr. Liao said that since Weiye Aluminum settled in Xinyi in 1999 to open a branch, it has achieved an annual production capacity of over 13 tons, and has now grown into one of the top 50 industrial enterprises in Xuzhou. The 680 acres of new factory area is also stepping up construction, striving to put into production as soon as possible. In the future, it will increase the new production capacity of 20 tons, build a high-end profile industry boutique demonstration base, and make every effort to help Xinyi build Xuzhou’s first industrial county.

Many surveys and in-depth understanding of project progress

This time, Secretary Zhuang and the research team of the Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government went to Guangdong Weiye for research and guidance, and once again went to Weiye and visited Weiye’s base camp in Xinyi.During the two surveys, Secretary Zhuang affirmed the achievements of Weiye Aluminum’s high-quality development and put forward new requirements for the development of the enterprise.

Secretary Zhuang said that major industrial projects are the “niubi” for accelerating high-quality development. In recent years, Xinyi’s major projects have gained momentum and are showing a gratifying trend.In the future work, Xinyi will continue to polish up the golden sign of “efficient service, Xinyi speed”, all revolve around the project, all revolve around the project, continue to optimize the business environment, focus on promoting project construction, High-quality development of advanced chess.It is hoped that enterprises will seize development opportunities and build high-end, intelligent, and green modern enterprises through modern enterprise systems, equipment upgrades, digital empowerment, technological innovation, etc., to be a “leader” in the industry and set a benchmark. demonstration.

▲Jiangsu Weiye Aluminum Production Base

Following the pace of Xuzhou on the road of industrial transformation, Weiye is also constantly upgrading traditional industries to intelligent manufacturing, focusing on technological innovation, equipment upgrading, and digital empowerment, creating a green circular industrial chain, and promoting the green transformation of traditional manufacturing.The construction of the new factory area needs to speed up the progress, know the heavy burden, press hard and forge ahead, and accelerate the development and expansion of Xinyi’s new building materials industry.

▲Jiangsu Weiye Aluminum Production Base

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